Patient Testimonials


Marguerite Bogosian

“I was referred to Dr. Tuli by my primary doctor. I am in an HMO. I wasn't sure what to expect. I must say that not only is she a top doctor who has expertise in eye surgery, she has a great ‘bedside’ manner and makes you feel comfortable and assured that she will do the best surgery for your eyes. I had a dense cataract and I waited probably about a year too long. However, it has only been about three weeks since my surgery and I am seeing great. I only need reader glasses for up close work.  
I must add also that Erika is not only professional but friendly and very efficient. The office runs so smoothly without a large staff. They do an excellent job. 
I highly recommend Dr. Tuli for any eye concerns. She is an excellent doctor!”

Jean-Carlo Roncagliolo

"I had a bad eye infection during the holiday season and called Dr Tuli's office in the hopes that I could be seen the same day (keep in mind that I have never seen Dr Tuli before). They fit me into the schedule the same day and could not of been happier. If you don't have an ophthalmologist, I would definitely recommend Dr Tuli." 

Louise Danish

"Dr. Tuli is awesome! She is especially caring and is a fine, talented surgeon. She contacted specialists to advise as to which lens she should use for my cataract surgery and called me a few times to ask what kind of results I want. She wants the best for her patients. I adore her and her staff. Erika at the front desk is fabulous!"

"This is the best clinic I've ever visited and I see different kinds of doctors.  Dr. Tuli is well educated, cares for her patient and is a top notch doctor.  I don't know how she can manage her clinic to be very efficient.  But this is the best clinic you can possibly go to.
I highly recommend Dr Tuli.  Her staff is also very friendly."

Sherry Manzano

"I cannot thank enough cardiologist Dr. Boris Larreta who referred us to Dr. Suhas Tuli, Tuli Eye Care Center.

It was an amazing welcoming from Dr. Tuli and her team, she was so tender and soft with my mom’s health situation.We love everything from A to Z. I am strongly recommending Dr Tuli, for any eye and vision problems. Thank you is not enough to you Dr. Tuli. You are the best..
You are a great blessing into our life.. we will give you all the stars in the sky."

Marie-Rose Akiki

"Dr. Tuli and her staff are top notch. I was able to schedule an appointment and be seen the same day. I normally don't visit an ophthalmologist on routine. I had an issue with my eye come up that needed a professional. And thats exactly what I got. Within an hour, I had a thorough eye exam, a diagnosis of my issue, and a prescription to help treat it. Great professional service by a doctor and team that seem dedicated and passionate in helping their clients."

Marvin Millora

"I first met Dr. Tuli over eight years ago when my mother had been in St. Joseph's Hospital for a cardiac problem and was now having an eye problem while in the hospital. Her regular ophthalmologist could not attend her, the hospital staff call Dr. Tuli, she was there within 30 minutes, attended my mother, examined the eye and found an eye infection, spoke with a nurse, and my mother was out of pain in less than an hour. Since then I have always gone to Dr. Tuli. Our regular ophthalmologist moved to Palm Springs and with mom's heart condition the trip was not feasible. Over the years she has always been a very caring and knowledgeable physician. In September 2016 I had my first cataract removed 10 minutes in surgery, good site within one hour! Just finished my second surgery September 29, 2017. Again no complications and site within one hour after surgery. Dr. Tuli, and her office staff  are wonderful, knowledgeable, and extremely caring. I recommend her highly for any I problems you may have. She really knows what she's doing!!"

Janis Bunch

“I had a lump on my eye. I searched for a ophthalmologist in Burbank. After reading the positive reviews and her qualifications I was able to get an appointment. Not only is she a qualified and compassionate person and I was very pleased to see her name listed in the April 2018 Best Doctors in the Los Angeles Magazine. I could not have picked a better doctor. "

Alfonso Medina

"I ended up having an infected eye over 2 weeks ago on the weekend. I thought that maybe it was conjunctivitis/pink eye, was having a lot of discomfort, and it was bloodshot in my left eye… So far after aggressive treatment and multiple follow ups, I am happy to learn that my serious infection is gone! Because I acted fast and with Dr. Tuli's protocol I prevented further complications and damage to my vision had I waited to seek treatment. I'm happy I found Tuli Eye Care when I needed to. They are professional, and Dr. Tuli is personable, has sense of urgency, and is experienced and intelligent. I would gladly recommend Tuli Eye Care."

Marianne Sawaya

"I saw the lovely Dr. Suhas Tuli for a comprehensive eye exam today.  I extend my gratitude, appreciation and outstanding commendation for Dr. Tuli's professionalism, genuine kindness and care taking the time to listen to her patient and post-exam, explain in detail diagnosis and treatment. What an extraordinary wonderful and comforting experience. Dr. Tuli's Front office assistants are welcoming, kind, efficient and professional. Dr. Tuli's Medical Asst. was comforting, gentle and an excellent asset to the office staff. Grateful me!"

Susan Bennett